Friday, January 14, 2011


This dieting thing is so freaken hard, I've done really really bad this week, after a really good week last week and i just failed this week, i really don't know what happened, monday i just started craving things like crazy, then again this week is that time of the month and i always get crazy cravings during this time, usually for coke, but i quit sodas so that is 1 thing I at least have still been doing good at, i haven't touched a soda since last year, and i don't plan on touching another soda either.  The problem is i've mostly been snacking on to many things, i need to try to forget about snacks and just focus on 3 meals a day, but thats hard to, i don't usually like to eat breakfast, and i haven't really been picking the greatest things for breakfast, like today i way way went overboard and ate some chili i had leftover from lunch yesterday with some cheese dip and some chex mix and 2 orange pillsbury rolls, oh my god did i go overboard and now i feel like total crap, my stomach is killing me, and part of me wishes i could just puke it all up, but i'm not going to go down that road, i chose to eat it so i have to suffer the consequences and deal with the calories and the stomach ache that comes along with it.  I need to figure out why i eat this stuff and try to train myself not to eat it anymore, i mean i have egg beaters egg white stuff in my fridge i could have cooked me up some egg whites, with a half a grapefruit, or some greek yogurt blended with frozen bluberries and a packet of splenda but no i went the easy route and just microwaved stuff that was in the fridge, oh but i had to use the oven to make the orange pillsbury biscuits, i guess at least i only ate 2 and not 4 or the entire container worth, but they're still there calling my name.....but at least my stomach is so stuffed i can't put anything else in my mouth, and by the time i am ready to eat another meal they will have gotten cold and i don't really care for them anymore after they've gotten cold, they loose they're charm and i'll be more likely to save them for after dinner dessert for my husband and stepson for tonight.  Oh and the chili i ate was wolf chili with no beans, the regular kind, ugggg, when i go shopping again and buy chili i have to remember to get the wolf brand turkey chili which is like less then half the calories as the regular one and tastes just as good, i also need to remember not to eat it with a bunch of chips or crackers, just get maybe a serving size of whole wheat crackers to go with it or eat it by itself would save the calories, see i know what i need to do, i know what foods i need to change, but if i have it in my house i don't like to waste food, at least i sent my parents home with most of our bad foods when they were here for christmas, but they ran out of room in there truck for me to give them all of it, so of course rather then throw it away i'm using it up....maybe i should just gather all the unhealthy non parishables and donate them to the women's shelter here in town, that would probably be a better idea then using them up myself. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Turkey Chili Recipe

Turkey Chili
Ground Turkey  2-3 pounds
Turkey Bacon   6 slices  (if your not a bacon fan just don’t add bacon J)
Onion, med. Chop  1 ¼ cups (use more or less depending on your taste)
Garlic, minced  1 TBSP. (I use the little jar pre-minced garlic)
Ground Cumin 1 ½ TBSP.
Ground Chili Powder  1 ½ TBSP.
Paprika  1 TBSP
Back Pepper  1 tsp.
Salt  1 tsp.
Rotel (do not drain) 2 10 oz cans or 1 28.5 oz can (depending on how much tomato and pepper you want in your chili, also can use mild or hot depending on what you like.)
Tabasco  1 TBSP. 
Worcestershire Sauce 1 ½ TBSP.
Beef Broth  1-2 Cans (depending on how liquidy you like your chili)
Sugar  2 TBSP. Or Sugar Substitute Equivalent
Olive Oil 1-2 TBSP

1.   Saute Ground Turkey until brown.  Make sure turkey is completely broken up, no big chunks.
2.    Saute Turkey Bacon until cooked.  Cook onions in Olive oil until soft, add garlic and cook briefly.  Add Turkey to onion/garlic mixture.  Stir in cumin, chili powder, paprika, black pepper, and salt.
3.    Stir in Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, Beef Broth, Sugar (or sugar substitute), and rotel.  Cook mixture until it boils; then turn down to low simmer and cook about 2 hours Stirring occasionally to keep from scorching.
4.    Taste and Adjust seasoning, serve with shredded cheddar and chopped onions, or sour cream. 

Alternate way of cooking, follow steps 1 and 2 and then add to a slow cooker along with the rest of the ingrediants in step 3 and cook on high for 2-3 hours or on low for 6-7 hours. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lost 8 pounds

Yay I've lost 8 pounds so far, with the diet i started january 1, i stopped drinking sodas and i joined this website called my fitness pal, and its great, you type in what you've eaten and how much and it shows you how many calories you've had, and you can also type in your workouts, and keep track of your weight, its a really neat and helpful website. 
Well tomorrow is my first appointment with the lapband people for this year, and hopefully everything will be moving along smoothly, i'll see what else they may need me to do before i can go in for surgery, but i'm really hoping i can get in there soon.  i've already been waiting a year for this so i'm really anxious.  I think it will be exciting to start my new life.
When i saw that i had lost 6 pounds i did a little happy dance, and then 8 pounds and it was like cool, i just hope it doesn't come to a halt, i'm sure it will slow down though cause its been a pound a day this first week.  last week i worked out 3 days 10 min each day that i worked out, since i'm just starting i didn't want to over do it.  This week i raised it to 12 minutes and hoping to workout at least 4 days this week, 1 down so far.
1 of my goals is to be able to find some jeans without elastic, non stretchy, with a button and zipper, oh that would be nice, i miss jeans.  I can only wear stretchy with no button and zipper now....size 32...ugggg....
Another goal i want to achieve would be able to walk up stairs without being winded and without having to take 1 step at a time, meaning right now i have to walk up 1 step with both feet and then up the next, i can't do 1 foot 1 step the next foot the next step like a normal person and it really sucks....
I would also like to feel more comfortable behind the wheel when driving, i don't really drive anywhere right now cause i do not feel comfortable behind the wheel i'm being crushed behind it and its hard to get comfortable and i also get side spasms sometimes when i drive and thats no fun at all.
I would also like to be able to shop at stores like lane bryant and torrid and ross, which yes the first 2 are plus size clothing, but yea even when i loose a buttload of weight i'll still be plus size.  Right now i can pretty much only shop at catherines cause there the only place i've been able to find that actually goes over size 26-28.  and there way expensive, but i only buy when stuff is on clearance.
Oh and yes i have my special treats in mind for when i hit certain milestones after surgery, after loosing a 100 pounds i plan on getting a makeover and getting me a nice outfit, and also doing a 3 session workout with a personal trainer to figure out what kind of workouts i should be doing at that point.

Well i guess thats all for now...


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Finally 2011

Well I started the lap band process December, 2009, did the 6 month supervised diet, from Jan-June, and then was told i had to wait till the next year because the insurance needed five years of weight history, and i did not have any for the first year because I had just quit my job and moved so I didn't have any insurance to go to the doctor till I married my husband which was in the very end of 2006.  And then I did the Psych Evaluation, and found I needed to see a therapist before I could have surgery, needed 8 sessions, luckily I was able to get that taken care of before the new year, so now its the new year and they told me i have to go to a different doctor to have my weight in cause they can't do it, so I scheduled an appointment with a local doctor to weight me for this Friday-soonest i could get.  After that they'll schedule me to see a Nutritionist and figure out whatever else i need to take care of before they send in the paperwork, and then finally they'll send in the paperwork to the insurance company and i have no clue how long that takes to hear back from them, but hopefully it's quick, cause i really want to get in and have my surgery already.  Oh I also found out a couple months ago that i have a hernia as well, so they're going to be taking care of that when they put in the lap band, i figure that's better then having to go in two separate times for surgeries.  So as prep for my upcoming surgery I've given up Soda's and Buffet restaurants.  both of which my husband and step son are saddened by.  I also started working out, only 10 minutes a day right now, cause i am so out of shape...and I'm going to be going to the gym (24 hour fitness) and do swimming exercises as well.

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