Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Finally 2011

Well I started the lap band process December, 2009, did the 6 month supervised diet, from Jan-June, and then was told i had to wait till the next year because the insurance needed five years of weight history, and i did not have any for the first year because I had just quit my job and moved so I didn't have any insurance to go to the doctor till I married my husband which was in the very end of 2006.  And then I did the Psych Evaluation, and found I needed to see a therapist before I could have surgery, needed 8 sessions, luckily I was able to get that taken care of before the new year, so now its the new year and they told me i have to go to a different doctor to have my weight in cause they can't do it, so I scheduled an appointment with a local doctor to weight me for this Friday-soonest i could get.  After that they'll schedule me to see a Nutritionist and figure out whatever else i need to take care of before they send in the paperwork, and then finally they'll send in the paperwork to the insurance company and i have no clue how long that takes to hear back from them, but hopefully it's quick, cause i really want to get in and have my surgery already.  Oh I also found out a couple months ago that i have a hernia as well, so they're going to be taking care of that when they put in the lap band, i figure that's better then having to go in two separate times for surgeries.  So as prep for my upcoming surgery I've given up Soda's and Buffet restaurants.  both of which my husband and step son are saddened by.  I also started working out, only 10 minutes a day right now, cause i am so out of shape...and I'm going to be going to the gym (24 hour fitness) and do swimming exercises as well.

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