Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lost 8 pounds

Yay I've lost 8 pounds so far, with the diet i started january 1, i stopped drinking sodas and i joined this website called my fitness pal, and its great, you type in what you've eaten and how much and it shows you how many calories you've had, and you can also type in your workouts, and keep track of your weight, its a really neat and helpful website. 
Well tomorrow is my first appointment with the lapband people for this year, and hopefully everything will be moving along smoothly, i'll see what else they may need me to do before i can go in for surgery, but i'm really hoping i can get in there soon.  i've already been waiting a year for this so i'm really anxious.  I think it will be exciting to start my new life.
When i saw that i had lost 6 pounds i did a little happy dance, and then 8 pounds and it was like cool, i just hope it doesn't come to a halt, i'm sure it will slow down though cause its been a pound a day this first week.  last week i worked out 3 days 10 min each day that i worked out, since i'm just starting i didn't want to over do it.  This week i raised it to 12 minutes and hoping to workout at least 4 days this week, 1 down so far.
1 of my goals is to be able to find some jeans without elastic, non stretchy, with a button and zipper, oh that would be nice, i miss jeans.  I can only wear stretchy with no button and zipper now....size 32...ugggg....
Another goal i want to achieve would be able to walk up stairs without being winded and without having to take 1 step at a time, meaning right now i have to walk up 1 step with both feet and then up the next, i can't do 1 foot 1 step the next foot the next step like a normal person and it really sucks....
I would also like to feel more comfortable behind the wheel when driving, i don't really drive anywhere right now cause i do not feel comfortable behind the wheel i'm being crushed behind it and its hard to get comfortable and i also get side spasms sometimes when i drive and thats no fun at all.
I would also like to be able to shop at stores like lane bryant and torrid and ross, which yes the first 2 are plus size clothing, but yea even when i loose a buttload of weight i'll still be plus size.  Right now i can pretty much only shop at catherines cause there the only place i've been able to find that actually goes over size 26-28.  and there way expensive, but i only buy when stuff is on clearance.
Oh and yes i have my special treats in mind for when i hit certain milestones after surgery, after loosing a 100 pounds i plan on getting a makeover and getting me a nice outfit, and also doing a 3 session workout with a personal trainer to figure out what kind of workouts i should be doing at that point.

Well i guess thats all for now...


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